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Oracle Client 11g Client 64bit Direct Download (2022)




Server: Oracle 11g Release 2 ( Q: Accuracy of GPS using phone only I want to develop an app in which I need to measure the time and distance of walking. I want to measure this using GPS. But my problem is that sometimes in various situations I am not able to get the fix. I mean even in 4G network and so on. So I have a question that how accurate would it be to measure this in GPS? A: If the phone has got a good GPS receiver, GPS will give reasonable (if not amazing) accuracy. But the issue is how long it takes to get a good GPS fix. Since GPS receiver is generally quite small, you could always put one in your smart phone. Such a GPS receiver is generally designed to give you a fix after several minutes, not seconds. If you are using Android, have a look at those apps listed in the following answer. A: Two things are likely to happen. Either your phone will get a signal and get a fix in 2 seconds, or it will not get a signal and you will have to wait a lot longer before getting a fix. So this will depend on the situation your walking in. If you know you will only be walking a short distance, you may not have to wait long. If you will be walking in an area that is not covered well, you will probably have to wait for a long time. So you will have to check the GPS signal before you start to walk. If you get a good fix, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you might have to wait some more. The accuracy of GPS reception depends on a lot of things, but in general, accuracy is far better indoors where there are less obstructions than outdoors where the weather, height of the building and so on interfere with the GPS. And if there are no obstacles, it's more accurate to have the GPS turned on before you leave your house, rather than to turn it on while you're walking. A: To get a good fix, your phone has to know where the satellites are. You need a working GPS receiver on your phone to get a reliable fix. As far as I know, the accuracy of the fix depends on the conditions of the surroundings of your phone. The higher the signal strength and the lower the effects of multipath, the more accurate it gets. A cell phone




Oracle Client 11g Client 64bit Direct Download (2022)

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